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Artificial Intelligence in Neuroscience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) shapes our everyday lives in ways we sometimes don’t even realise - from voice assistants, image recognition for face unlock in cellphones, and ML-based financial fraud detection.

But AI is paving the way to much more than daily conveniences - it is also changing the world of neuroscience.

After successfully launching our first report, The Neuroscience of Sleep, we are building our second one on the fascinating relationship between AI and neuroscience.

Find out how AI can improve our well-being. Can algorithms perform on par with medical professionals in generating accurate diagnoses for dementia? What is neuromorphic engineering - and does it have clinical applications? Can synthetic images be the answer to selectively activating chosen regions of the brain? 

Find all the answers in our report.

This issue of Researcher Insights includes topics:

  • AI for neurodegenerative disease
  • Imaging tools for neuroscientists: AI as a window to the brain
  • Neurorobotics and devices,
  • Learning from AI about the brain.

Read on to find out about:

  • What are digital twins and how can they help us treat Alzheimer's?
  • Can AI computer algorithms diagnose neurodegeneration on par with clinicians?
  • Embracing gaudy: How can bright, accentuated images help train deep neural networks faster and better?
  • NeuroGen: Creating personalised synthetic images to stimulate regions of the brain.
  • Neuromorphic engineering as the future of robotics - or how to produce a (cheaper) brain-inspired mechanical arm for wheelchair use.
  • Restoring motion after stroke - will spinal cord stimulation reshape life with paralysis?
  • Memorisation or Knowledge? An AI-inspired theory of memory processing.


AI contributor 1 - Dr Kristine Lennie-1

Dr Kristine Lennie

Researcher Insights Editor

AI contributor 2 - Dr Karli Montague-Cardoso-1

Dr Karli Montague-Cardoso

Deputy Editor, Communications Biology
Consulting Editor, Communications Medicine

AI contributor 3 - Roser Sanchez-Todo-1

Roser Sanchez-Todo


AI contributor 4 - Dr Vijaya Kolachalama-1

Dr Vijaya Kolachalama

Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine

AI contributor 5 - Dr Benjamin Cowley-1

Dr Benjamin Cowley

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

AI contributor 6 - Dr Amy Kuceyeski-1

Dr Amy Kuceyeski

Cornell University

AI contributor 7 - Dr Elishai Ezra Tsur-1

Dr Elisai Ezra Tsur

Open University of Israel

AI contributor 8 - Dr Marco Capogrosso-1

Dr Marco Capogrosso

University of Pittsburgh

Department of Neurological

AI contributor 9 - Dr Weinan Sun-1

Dr Weinan Sun

Janelia Research Campus

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