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Episode #8: PRESENTATION POWER: How To Give Great SLIDE and POSTER Talks!

Join us on Monday, July 4th at 10am GMT / 11am BST for the next episode in Edanz's series for early career researchers (or anyone who just wants to improve their skills)..

So far in this series, we have selected a journal and checked its requirements (Episode 1), outlined our first draft (Episode 2), avoided common manuscript writing mistakes (Episode 3), displayed our data as tables and figures (Episode 4), written an amazing abstract, title, and keywords to promote our paper (Episode 5), and submitted our paper to our selected journal with recommended peer reviewers (Episode 6) and successfully navigated the peer review process (Episode 7). 

Welcome to Episode 8 - PRESENTATION Power: How To Give Great SLIDE and POSTER Talks!

Join Edanz’s Scott McCleary for an interactive and information-packed hour of tips and tricks. In this event you will learn:

  • how to DESIGN slides and posters that ATTRACT and INFORM
  • how to effectively SPEAK with attendees – even if English is not your 1st language
  • how to handle audience Q&A – including DIFFICULT questions
  • how to effectively NETWORK at a conference and grow your contact

Want to save time and get your paper published as quickly and smoothly as possible? You DON’T want to miss this one-hour live event! 

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In the next months, we will be exploring different aspects of the submission process. Learn more about: 

  • Writing and structuring
  • Editing and organising
  • Submission and communication with journals

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'Identifying the Right Journal to Publish in'
13th December, 10am GMT/11am BST
'How to write your first paper draft' 17th January, 10am GMT/11am BST
'How NOT to write and how TO cite' 14th February, 10am GMT/11am BST
'Data presentation: How to organize your tables and figures' 14th March, 10am GMT/11am BST
'PROMOTE your paper! How to Write Amazing ABSTRACTS, TITLES and KEYWORDS' 11th April, 10am GMT/11am BST
'JOURNAL SUBMISSION: The Secrets of SUCCESS!' 9th May, 10am GMT/11am BST
'PRESENTATION POWER: How To Give Great SLIDE and POSTER Talks!' 4th July, 10am GMT/11am BST

Time-Saving TOOLS for Today's Researchers!

1st August, 10am GMT/11am BST
TBC: Post submission, communicating with the journal and handling rejection 5th September, 10am GMT/11am BST


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Listen to publishing expert Dr. Dean Meyer, and Edanz’s Scott McCleary to learn how to solve common (and not so common) problems that come up during the peer review process. 

In this recording you will learn (or re-learn): 

  • Peer review TYPES and TIMELINES, and what to expect at each stage
  • How to SOLVE common (and uncommon) PROBLEMS before they derail your submission 
  • How to COMMUNICATE with reviewers and editors throughout the peer review process
  • How to view peer review as a POSITIVE experience that can improve your research impact!
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