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The Neuroscience of Sleep

We need to sleep to be alive - yet we know surprisingly little about why

Our report this quarter focuses on the Neuroscience of Sleep. We’ll be talking to specialists in the field to learn about ideas, techniques and innovative approaches to answering key scientific questions:

  • Can we combat the effects of sleep deprivation using biochemistry?
  • What hormones underline memory consolidation during sleep - and can we manipulate them?
  • Is there some truth to the saying ‘there is nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix’ when it comes to negative emotions - and how?

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This report includes:

  • Exclusive editorial pieces on current trends in neuroscience: featuring Mie Andersen, University of Copenhagen, and Dr Alen Juginovic, Harvard Medical School

  • Original piece by a member of the Researcher community - authored by PhD Student Viviana Greco, Cardiff University
  • Interviews with neuroscientists Prof Clive Bramham, University of Bergen
  • Interviews with book author Dr Daniel Z. Lieberman, George Washington University 
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Read on to find out about:

  • Searching for new biomarkers in understanding the role of sleep on gut health - and lifespan
  • Fiber photometry for norepinephrine - how does the ‘fight or flight' hormone affect memory consolidation?
  • How does sleep help with emotional regulation?
  • New nanobodies for brain plasticity: probing the Arc gene 
  • The role of dopamine in decision-making and behaviour

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Prof Clive Bramham - Researcher Insights Neuroscience

Prof Clive Bramham

Professor, Head of Neuroscience Research Group

University of Bergen

Dr Daniel Z. Lieberman - Researcher Insights Neuroscience

Dr Daniel Z. Lieberman

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

George Washington University

Dr Alen Juginovic - Researcher Insights Neuroscience

Alen Juginović

Postdoctoral fellow

Harvard Medical School

Mie Andersen - Researcher Insights Neuroscience

Mie Andersen

PhD fellow

University of Copenhagen

Viviana Greco - Researcher Insights Neuroscience

Viviana Greco

PhD student

Cardiff University

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