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Peptide Therapeutics Vol. 2

Exploring hyperbranched peptide compounds in antimicrobial research with Dr Orode Aniejurengho, University of Essex Online 

Gut Microbiome & Nutrition

Effects of a Low-carbohydrate/High-protein Diet on Gut Microbiome Composition in Individuals with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury with Dr Jia Li, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation University  

T Cell and Cancer

T cell immunological research at the forefront of defeating cancer with Dr Vivian Dimou, The Institute of Cancer Research

Activation of Neoantigen Specific T cells for the Treatment of Solid Tumors with Prof Karine Breckpot Vrije Universiteit Brussel

CRISPR Applications

Introduction to CRISPR, a family of proteins that is revolutionising genome editing with Dr Elisa Aguilar-Martinez, University of Manchester

Using CRISPR/Cas9 to Understand Gene Function in Zebrafish with Dr Jordi Cayuso, Senior Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton

Introduction to class 1 – CRISPR-Cas multiprotein effectors with Dr Inga Songailiene, Vilnius University

Flow Cytometry 2

Studying cell proliferation by flow cytometry with Derek Davies, Francis Crick Institute

Making the most of flow cytometry in nanopharmacology with Dr Marie-Christine Jones, University of Birmingham

When image is everything: The principles of image flow cytometry and it’s use in biomedical research with Dr Andrew Filby, Newcastle University

Peptide Therapeutics: disease screening and drug design

A Killer solution for vaginal candidiasis: New generation of antifungal peptides with Dr Miguel Fernández de Ullivarri, APC Microbiome Institute

Peptide Hydrogel and Nanotubes for Drug Delivery and Biomaterial Applications with Dr Garry Laverty, Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University in Belfast

Strides in Cancer Research

T cell homing in cancer immunotherapy: challenges and opportunities with Prof Ann Ager, Cardiff University

Preclinical bone cancer research with Dr Luke Tattersall,  University of Sheffield

The shape of you: Using AI, bioengineering, and statistical cell biology to understand how changes in cell morphogenesis drive cancer with Prof Chris Bakal, Institute of Cancer Research

Mesothelioma. The evolving treatment landscape and future directions with Prof Dean Fennell, University of Leicester

Hippocampal Neurons: morphology, function, regeneration

Mental health and adult hippocampal neurogenesis: the neural symbiosis with Prof Walace Gomes Leal, Federal University of Western Pará

Inhibitory neuron hyperexcitability in progressive tauopathy with Dr Francesco Tamagnini, University of Reading

Using hippocampal cell culture models to study neuronal morphogenesis and function with Prof Professor Thomas Fath, Macquarie University

Sleep and the Brain

Role of sleep in health and lifespan with Dr Alen Juginovic, Harvard Medical School

Sleeping under the stars: astrocyte contributions to sleep with Dr Ashley Ingiosi, Washington State University

Nightlife of the stars of the brain: Astrocyte Ca2+ signaling helps to maintain uninterrupted slow wave sleep with Dr Laura Bojarskaite, University of Oslo

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