A Researcher Live Series

Spotlighting Climate Change, Conservation and Ecology


April - May 2022


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Our event series

In light of Earth Day on 22nd April 2022, Researcher Live is hosting a month-long series of events where experts on Climate Change, Conservation, Sustainability and Ecology will present their research.

In this series, we will hear from experts about:

  • The ecological future of our planet 
  • The communication and scepticism of green ideas
  • Advances and directions in energy and sustainability
  • Animal habitats and human impact
  • Ethics and the social aspects of environmental and climate change.


You can listen to previous sessions by clicking on the titles below. Register in the form above to receive joining links for upcoming sessions.

Topic Date
How NOT to save a planet with Prof Thom Brooks, Professor of Law and Government, the Dean of Durham Law School  4th April, 1:30pm BST
The challenges of communicating climate change with Dr Christel W. van Eck, University of Amsterdam 13th April, 10am BST
Achieving climate goals in the residential sector and industry: Power to heat and Green hydrogen as the most promising applications of sector integration with Dr Tuomas Vanhanen, Tampere University, Finland, and Jasmine Ramsebner, Vienna University of Technology 19th April, 3pm BST

Role of AI in Predicting Climate Disasters in Northern Regions with Dr Pooneh Maghoul, Polytechnique Montreal and PhD Candidate Ali Fatolahzadeh Gheysari, University of Manitoba

20th April, 4pm BST
The Social Aspects of Environmental and Climate Change with Prof. E. Carina H. Keskitalo, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 21st April, 12pm BST

Home away from home: The importance of sanctuaries for protecting and studying our fellow apes with PhD Candidate Jake Brooker, Durham University 

22nd April, 10am BST

Satellite remote sensing - a conservation revolution with Dr Nathalie Pettorelli, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London

25th April, 10am BST

Net Zero, Food and Farming: Climate Change and the UK Agri-Food System with Professor Neil Ward, Professor of Rural and Regional Development at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich 

26th April, 9am BST

Defusing the 2020s Heat Bomb: Getting Government Action Now with Prof Ian Budge, Emeritus Professor, University of Essex

28th April, 11am BST

Opportunities for storage to achieve deep decarbonization across sectors with Prof Noah Kittner, University of North Carolina System, Department of Environmental Sciences & Engineering

4th May,  3pm BST

Impacts of Plastics Pollution on Seabirds with PhD Candidate Peter Puskic, University of Tasmania

9th May, 9am BST

PLOS Climate: Breaking down barriers in climate change research publishing  with Emma Archer, Editor-in-Chief of PLOS Climate and Associate Professor in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Pretoria;  Jamie Males, Executive Editor of PLOS Climate; Prof John Bruno, University of North Carolina

10th May, 1pm BST 

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Biotransformation Technology: How to deliver full biological decomposition on polyolefin packaging materials in the open environment with Celine Moreira, Polymateria 

12th May, 10am BST



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Prof Carina Keskitalo, Umeå University

E. Carina H. Keskitalo is Professor of Political Science with a focus on environmental policy (ten books and over 130 peer-reviewed scientific articles/book chapters)


Prof Thom Brooks, Dean of Durham Law School

Thom Brooks is Professor of Law and Government at Durham University and associate member of the Philosophy and Government departments.


Dr Christel W. van Eck, University of Amsterdam

Christel studies how people communicate about climate change to find answers on how societal responses to the issue can be improved.


Dr Tuomas Vanhanen, Tampere University

Tuomas works for the Energy Wise Cities project whose main goal is to combine solutions of energy and building sectors to find new more efficient ways for reducing emissions.


Jasmine Ramsebner, EEG, TU Wien

Jasmine's main area of research focuses on sustainable energy system modelling. She has been a research assistant and PhD candidate at Energy Economics Group (EEG) since October 2018.


Dr Pooneh Maghoul, Founder and Lead, SIGLab

Pooneh is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal and the founder of the Sustainable Infrastructure and Geomechanical Laboratory.

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Ali Fatolahzadeh Gheysari, University of Manitoba

Ali is a Researcher and PhD Candidate at the University of Manitoba and Founder at GeoClimate Solutions Inc.


Jake Brooker, University of Durham

Jake is a PhD student researching individual variation in empathic tendencies of chimpanzees and bonobos.


Dr Nathalie Pettorelli, Zoological Society of London

Natalie heads the Environmental Monitoring and Conservation Modelling (EMCM) team, which is interested in developing tools and methodologies supporting the sustainable management of natural resources.


Prof Neil Ward, University of East Anglia

Neil Ward is Professor of Rural and Regional Development at the University of East Anglia (UEA). He was UEA’s Deputy Vice Chancellor (2014-2021), and was formally Director of the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University (2004-2008).


Ian Budge, Emeritus Professor, University of Essex

Active for over forty years as a political scientist, Ian Budge has made major contributions both to cumulative research on democracy and to organizational developments in the discipline.


Dr Noah Kittner, University of North Carolina

Dr Kittner studies energy systems at multiple scales, from regional and international power grids to community-owned micro-grids and household energy dynamics. 


Peter Puskic, University of Tasmania

Peter’s PhD tries to detect the impacts of plastic and associated chemical pollution on wildlife. This uses multidisciplinary approaches such as animal health, molecular, ecotoxicological, and animal nutrition tools to explore the effects of plastic ingestion in seabirds.


Celine Moreira, Polymateria

Celine is part of the innovations team at Polymateria and her work as an analytical chemist focuses on the physical and chemical testing of biotransforming plastics.


Prof Emma Archer, PLOS Climate

Emma Archer, Editor-in-Chief of PLOS Climate and Associate Professor in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Pretoria

Jamie Males

Dr Jamie Males, Executive Editor of PLOS Climate