Systematic Reviews Pro series: with Edanz and Researcher

A series of monthly events exploring systematic literature reviews: how to draft, edit and publish them .

Episode 5 - Systematic Reviews Pro Series:  MANUSCRIPT MAGIC!

Join us on 20th June at 10am GMT / 11am BST for the fifth episode in Edanz' series on systematic reviews

Welcome to Episode 5 – MANUSCRIPT MAGIC! Our expert panelists will explain and discuss:

  • How to SELECT the right JOURNAL for publishing your systematic review
  • How to STRUCTURE your systematic review manuscript in IMRaD format
  • How to draft and finalize FIGURES: forest plots, flow diagrams, and more
  • How to avoid COMMON MISTAKES in systematic review manuscripts

… and, as always, we welcome YOUR questions about systematic reviews!


In the following months we work through the steps, stages and details of how to put together a systematic review. We will cover

  • Purpose and hypothesis building
  • Data and Organisation
  • Submission and communication with journals

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REACH the PEAK of EVIDENCE 28th February, 10am GMT
PLANNING for success!

28th March, 10am GMT/11am BST


PREPARE to LAUNCH! (Sources, Synopsis and Search Terms)

26th April,10am GMT/11am BST

PROTOCOLS, PRISMA, and PROSPERO (Guidelines and Transparency)

23rd May, 10am GMT/11am BST
Systematic Reviews Pro Series: Ep 5 - MANUSCRIPT MAGIC! 20th June, 10am GMT/11am BST
Systematic Reviews Pro Series: Ep 6 - Pro TOOLS for SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS! 18th July, 10am GMT/11am BST

The TOOLS and TECHNIQUES That SLR Experts Use!

August (date TBD)


Listen to Episode 4 - Systematic Reviews: PROTOCOL POWER!

Understand how to develop a powerful PROTOCOL that will minimize bias and MAXIMIZE the evidence levels of YOUR systematic review!

Our expert panelists will explain and discuss:

  • Drafting a clear SYNOPSIS that sets the stage for your protocol
  • Writing a pro-level PRISMA-P PROTOCOL that is peer-review ready
  • Submitting your protocol on PROSPERO to show primacy and transparency

… and, as always, we welcome YOUR questions about systematic reviews!

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